Abodes of divinity and harmony Ashrams have always been cradles , Abodes of divinity and harmony’, Ashrams have always been cradles where divine wisdom

Best Healing & Empowerment at Inlighten Ashram India

A space for inner awakening, healing and self realization, the best ashrams must be imbued with divine vibrations of spiritual masters are known to be the best for spiritual unfoldment. The Inlighten Ashram in India is one such tranquil space to detox and heal, energised with the powerful vibrations of Spiritual healers Inder and Ruby who experienced awakening and realization in their early years. .





With a distinct memory of the sequence of events during her birth, Ruby was always highly intuitive and connected to higher dimensions, which she modestly assumed that everyone could access too. Always in direct communication with beings from various religious traditions and dimensions, she received blessings of extraordinary intuition and healing powers. Thus began a sacred journey of divine intervention and love. It became her raison d’être, which she calls her Soul Promise, to help countless others connect with their higher selves.

Ruby Bedi

With a childhood spent in the company of religious and spiritual people in India, Inder was pleased to have gotten away from it all when he shifted to Canada to join his father and pursue his passion- sports. Bored from an overdose of spirituality, he decidedly ignored it and had no conscious intention of seeking the divine. Until he was deeply shaken, literally, by a spiritual experience. His body vibrated with a great force over which he had no control. The very ‘physical’ nature of the experience took him by surprise, and led him to question the validity of religious/social conditioning and the genuineness of preachers.


The Blue Miracle is a special meditation technique that packs a punch to shift you within minutes into higher field wherein you will experience deep peace and instant clarity.Directly channelled to Inder and Ruby by enlightened masters, this technique is a quick and powerful stress buster and energiser.Thoughts, which are the root of stress, can be felt in the body as restlessness, fatigue & tautness. So when the speed & volume of constant thoughts slows down, the mind slides into stillness and the ensuing peace can be felt as deep relaxation in the body to the core.


DharanKriya is a unique meditation technique developed by Inlighten masters after many years of research and inner experimentations. A recipe for quick manifestation it helps awaken you and your inner potential. A simple exercise, it starts with a yogic posture and ends with a yogic psyche. It helps connect you to your true identity and personal gifts so that you can live your life to its full potential. It gives you direct experience of pure potent divine energy.


Indian Ashrams were the hotbeds of Yoga. It links body and soul in a way paved by the masters of traditional Indian wisdom. With over twenty years of commitment and extensive work in the arena of health and healing across Asia and North America, the Inlighten masters have been in a pursuit to make this link possible for all, by strictly following the footsteps of this ancient wisdom and an inner conscience cooked out of incessant trials and experimentations . Hence works their unique system of connecting and awakening amazingly among the masses.

Inlighten Books And CD's

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    In One Billion Balloons, Ruby Bedi told us a prophetic story of two children who gain access to a new dimension of truth called the Sapphire Dimension. Shraddha and Vivek take readers on a seven-day voyage where they realize a ground- breaking spiritual technique that they share with one billion people. This creates a mass shift in the consciousness. This special edition of One Billion Balloons includes a significant message from pop king Michael Jackson to heal and awaken others to their truth. In it, he calls on famous celebrities, like Oprah Winfrey, to do their part to help create the shift.


    ‘Soul Promise’ is a motivating autobiography by the well-known mystic and healer Ruby Bedi. “I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew what I did not want”- this infused ample curiosity in Ruby to discover her Truth and connect to the real soul. It is not her story alone, and this is why she tells it. Like wind beneath your wings, her story will lift you and her clarity will wipe clean your mirror so you too can see the beauty of your Soul. Her remarkable encounters with spiritual masters and enlightened beings will inspire you to connect with dimensions that you may not have so far explored while her Soul purpose will awaken you to your own promise.


    ‘Simply Be’ is my way of saying thankfulness to one and all and the whole thing. I sketch out facts and offer an opportunity that was once offered to me to satisfy desires of mind, body and soul and make full use of this one-of-a-kind avatar. Single variation in the hologram changes the universal dynamics; this is our power as beings of light, energy and awareness. I pray that with my aim to heal our species, this planet become yours and together we sensationalize our existence with a heavenly occurrence like never before. – Inder.

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